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Stay safe - not spooked - this holiday season!

OK, I’ll admit it. Safety is not the most fun thing to discuss this time of year. From now through the beginning of 2024, almost everyone will be decorating their houses, hosting trick-or-treaters, gathering family around the table for special meals, traveling to visit loved ones and celebrating at festive gatherings. There are lots of reasons to celebrate in the next few months - and I’m out there enjoying it all too!

kids trick or treating
Be extra careful on Halloween and keep porch lights on to prevent any trips or falls.

But as a personal injury attorney, I can tell you that many unexpected accidents happen during this time, and I’d be happy if your holidays weren’t derailed by something preventable. Whether trick-or-treating with children or hanging holiday lights, you can enjoy the holiday season and keep you and your family safe by using common sense and the following tips:


  • Carry a flashlight when trick or treating.

  • Always walk on sidewalks if available and cross street at corners.

  • If driving Halloween night (and ALL the time, really), be aware of pedestrians, avoid distracted driving and NEVER drive under the influence.

  • Keep your porch well lit to prevent trips and falls on your property.

  • Keep pets indoors to avoid any potentially harmful interactions.


  • Think about food safety when preparing the big meal. Follow instructions for thawing / cooking the turkey and pay attention to how long food has been left out.

  • If you are serving alcohol, make sure that guests are of legal drinking age and monitor drinking guests to avoid over serving, which can lead to legal liability if that person is involved in an accident or harms someone else.

  • Make sure your property is safe from any obstructions to avoid slip-and-fall incidents. This applies to your home and your business property.


  • Ensure holiday decorations don’t obstruct sidewalks, roadways, public right-of-ways and driver / biker / pedestrian viewpoints.

  • Check electrical wiring to be sure fires aren’t started accidentally.

  • Use caution hanging holiday lights and rooftop decorations. Many home accidents and serious injuries happen by falling off ladders.

  • Be sure to water a live Christmas tree In order to avoid a fire hazard in your home.

  • Monitor your financial information and be aware of online scammers / hackers.

Over the next few months, annoying things can happen - candy gets over-eaten, turkeys burn, presents get secretly returned. None of that will derail you and your family from enjoying 2024. But an accident caused by someone else - or you causing an accident due to your own negligence - is not the best way to start the new year. So stay safe, make good choices, and enjoy this holiday season!


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