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Safe Travel Tips for Summer Road Trips Ahead

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I have great memories of summer road trips, both as a kid myself and bringing my own four kids on travels. It’s the classic American summer thing to do – pack up the car, head out of town and explore our beautiful country. If you plan on hitting the road for your summer vacation, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the season that has the most accidents is – you guessed it – summer, with July and August having the highest number of car accidents during the year. There are many more people on the road, so that means more distracted drivers, tired drivers and yes, intoxicated drivers. But smart travelers, who take steps for safety and who maintain their car properly, help ensure their vacation isn’t likely interrupted by an unfortunate accident.

Here are some tips as you get ready for your summer vacation:

  • Prior to your trip, get your car serviced fully. Check the oil, wipers, tire pressure, battery, etc. A broken-down car is not only a pain, but is also a sitting duck in high-traffic areas.

  • Plan out your route to include stops for breaks. Many accidents are caused simply by drivers being tired and slow to react.

  • Put away your cell phone while driving. We often use our phones for the mapping services, but if you have to text, wait until you’ve pulled over.

  • If you’re traveling with kids, make sure they have things to keep them busy – books, music, etc. – so they don’t cause distraction.

  • Let your co-pilot grab the water bottle that rolled to the back, find your sunglasses, etc.

  • Finally, keep your eyes on the road, keep a safe distance from other drivers, be extra-cautious in construction and pedestrian areas, and obey the traffic laws.

While accidents do happen, with some planning you can help diminish the chances that you’ll be a part of one. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in an accident, give us a call and we can help you navigate the process of dealing with the insurance company. But hopefully, your summer trip memories will only involve all the good things of, as we called it, Forced Family Fun! Happy Summer, everyone!


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