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Showing Support as Hancock County Kids Head Back to School

Suddenly it’s here - back to school time in Hancock County, MS. While our own children are all graduates now, we still remember well the schedule changes that families adjust to this time of year. Our youngest is now a teacher herself, beginning her first year in the district where she was in school - a nice circle of educating the educators.

Kids getting off the school bus

While new school supplies and class expectations are front and center for some of us, all community members need to be aware and supportive of our students, faculty, and staff at our schools.

Here’s how we can lend support as the new school year kicks off.

BE MINDFUL OF TRAFFIC CHANGES particularly in the school zones, where there are lots of children getting in and out of vehicles, especially during pickup and drop-off times. Add in young drivers near the high schools and we need to be extra attentive while driving. Avoid those areas if you can. If not, then slow down, set down your phone and don’t be a distracted driver.

OBEY THE SCHOOL DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP SYSTEM that each school has well thought out. Don’t double-park, which blocks visibility. Don’t load or unload students across the street to avoid the line, and try and carpool to reduce the number of vehicles around the school.

BE AWARE OF STUDENTS ON THE ROADS AND SIDEWALKS as they are boarding buses and walking or biking to and from home.

DEFER TO THE SCHOOL BUSES who have a big responsibility with our students. Please give them lots of room for children to board and onboard, stopping a good distance from the bus, whether you are driving toward or behind it. Buses make wide turns, so be sure to give them plenty of room if they are turning nearby.

SHOW SUPPORT to the teachers, faculty, support staff and students in our county. Whether it’s private or public, education is a top priority for our young people so let’s make a collective effort to make this the best school year yet!


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