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Two reasons why people hire attorneys, and why it's smart to have a “just in case” attorney in mind.

When someone else causes you harm, through no fault of your own, why do you need an attorney?

  1. The law is complicated.

  2. The situation surrounding the need for an attorney is often very personal and it's in your best interest to get objective advice.

Insurance claims and the law surrounding them is complicated. And if you are suffering pain, grief, emotion, mounting medical bills, an unknown future and a general frustration about your plan going forward, it can seem even worse. It is very difficult to navigate through the complicated claims and legal process while you are suffering from the multiple tragic effects from an injury that is caused by someone else. We can help.

Brehm Bell in his Main Street office, photo by Ellis Anderson
Brehm Bell in his Main Street office, photo by Ellis Anderson

As your attorney, I will meet with you and develop a personal plan that is tailored just for your claim and your specific circumstance. Our team will handle obtaining all the evidence you will need to pursue your claim. These records include, but are not limited to: police reports, insurance policies, health insurance records, medical records, lost earnings records and medical bills. In addition, if any of your medical bills, caused by the accident, were paid for or guaranteed by your health insurance company, your medical payments portion of your automobile insurance or by any governmental health insurance company such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care or Champus, you will have a lien (or claim) on your settlement or jury verdict - seen as a debt owed to them - that will have to be dealt with by your attorney.

So why do you need the name of a “just in case” attorney? Because pursuing this is tedious and should you need help following an accident or injury, you’ll need it right away in order to help with the process and increase the likelihood of a fair outcome to recovery. I have been practicing law and handling injury claims for over 31 years. For the last 15 years, I have focused my practice solely on personal injury claims where someone has been injured due to someone else’s negligence/wrongdoing or been injured on the job.

Please feel free to give my office a call to set up a free in-person interview or simply to answer questions over the phone. Being able to help people through a complicated process during a difficult time in their lives is the favorite part of why I practice law.


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