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Accidents on the Job

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I receive calls on regular basis from people who have been injured on the job. Common questions: Is this covered under workman’s compensation? Is my employer liable for my injuries? Should I hire an attorney after an accident at work? Must my employer pay my hospital costs, and time off work?

Accidents on the job - call personal injury attorney Brehm Bell
Accidents on the job

Well the answer can really only be answered by a seasoned personal injury attorney that knows what questions to ask to determine if your employer was at fault for your accident while you were on the job. Most of these types of accidents are covered by worker’s compensation and the injured should contact a worker’s comp attorney to help them if they need help with the claim. Often, worker’s compensation will be the only remedy at law that you have. Worker’s compensation can pay for your medical bills, and for only PART of your lost wages. Workman’s compensation does NOT pay for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other substantial damages.

However, if you have been injured while at work and it was due to faulty equipment, lack of safety measures in place by another company, or an employee of another company was being careless in the execution of their job, you may have other options. In this situation, known as a third-party case where a third party is potentially responsible, you should definitely contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you in recouping losses from pay, medical, and any other needs that this accident created for you or a loved one.

When talking with a personal injury attorney, do not be afraid to ask questions about how your case will be handled, and how they will represent you now and in the future. Hiring a lawyer is an important step and you should feel comfortable with how that attorney will represent you in the beginning of you claim, during the process, and especially at the resolution of your claim. You are the client and have the right to understand every aspect of your claim and be well informed during the entire process.

Contact me and I will offer you a free phone or in person consultation. I have over 29 years of in court experience in these types of cases.

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