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Bay High Senior earns scholarship from local attorney Brehm Bell

Bay High senior Reid Pierce was recently awarded the Brehm Bell Scholarship, given annually to a promising local graduate. The scholarship, open to both public and private high school seniors in Hancock County, was created to encourage those who are pursuing a career in the field of law. An outside committee selected Pierce from a field of applicants based on his academics, character, and written essay.

The Brehm Bell Scholarship is a $1000 one-time award. Pierce is majoring in Public Policy at the Trent Lott Leadership Institute at the University of Mississippi in the fall.

In his submitted essay, Pierce wrote that he began public school in his freshman year and that he learned a significant lesson on the importance of empathy. He stated, “I think that empathy has been neglected in many recent national policies that directly impact students of many different financial backgrounds.” He continued that “When I have the opportunity to affect these policies, I want to change the tide back to focusing on helping all community members flourish.”

Bay High teacher Renee Hamm, who wrote a letter of recommendation, noted that Pierce is “a young man who not only proves himself, almost daily, to be a strong academic competitor among his peers, but he also proves himself to be a strong competitor in any endeavor he undertakes.”

A practicing attorney in downtown Bay St. Louis since 1995, Bell focuses his practice on personal injury cases and helping people are overwhelmed or frustrated with the legal process.


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