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Be Grateful for your life – and yes, even your work life.

Most of us, at one time or another, joke about our work. It’s likely that all of us have been unhappy or frustrated in our work at some points. However, I was blessed to have been taught by my mother, an executive secretary, and my father, a tugboat captain, to appreciate having a job and shown how to work hard at that opportunity.

After graduating from Bay High School in 1980, I began working as a deckhand on tugboats. In fact, my great grandfather, grandfather, father, and brother were or are all captains or engineers on tugboats. I worked hard during my summers, holidays, and most weekends during the year to help pay for my college and law school expenses.

For 19 years, my dad was a captain on a tugboat called the FN Canulette, based out of Slidell LA. Recently I had the privilege of meeting up with Dad’s relief Captain, Danny Besanson. Captain Danny took over the tugboat after my father was promoted with another company to be a port captain. In 1981/82 I took a year out of college and worked with Captain Besanson on the same tugboat where my father toiled for many years.

This past summer, I was surprised when Captain Danny graciously gave me the nameplate and ship’s wheel from this mighty little tug that could.

Brehm with Capt. Danny

Reliving old memories with Danny about times on the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain was a special experience. It reminded me that the greatest experience I received out on the water was that of putting in a hard day’s work for a fair wage.

While we might not all enjoy our jobs 100% of the time, those of us fortunate enough to be able to work should be grateful for the opportunity that we have to be able to make a living. In a month when gratitude is mentioned more than any time of the year, I hope we take some time out to be grateful for something that we might not even like all the time and sometimes dread. Let us all be thankful for the opportunity to work and the satisfaction that comes when you know you’ve put in a good day’s work in your field.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season!


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