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Children’s Advocates Group Representatives Gathered for Discussion, Hosted by Attorney Brehm Bell

Brehm Bell recently hosted a luncheon to honor different local organizations that help children and families in the community.

The luncheon was organized by Bell to help recognize the needs of these groups that provide vital services throughout the year to children in our county. The Bay St. Louis native and father of four has a true passion for the welfare of children and families in Hancock County.

As the former youth court judge, Bell is well aware of the challenges child-advocate organizations face in our community. “Truly, these are some of the most dedicated people around who are helping our most vulnerable in the community,” said Bell. He said the forum was developed several years ago to both honor the hard work of these agencies and to keep the lines of communication open between the groups.

Personal Injury attorney Brehm Bell hosting lunch for children's advocates in Hancock County
Local attorney Brehm Bell hosted recent luncheon for local children’s services representatives.

In attendance at this luncheon was Kathleen Stieffel, Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center; Lori Wagner, CASA of Hancock County; and Lisa Campbell, Hancock Resource Center.

A practicing attorney in downtown Bay St. Louis since 1995, Bell focuses his practice on personal injury cases and helping people who are overwhelmed or frustrated with the legal process.


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