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Holiday Road Travel Safety Tips

While some of us may be boarding planes to visit loved ones this holiday season, the majority of us will be sticking closer to home and having simpler celebrations this year. Road travel and small gatherings will be more common, and with more of us on the roads, the harder it is to stay safe.

Here are some tips to make your holiday travel as safe as possible:

• Make sure your car is serviced and ready to hit the road. Check tires (including your spare), top off fluids and make sure your car is in good shape to get you and your family safely to your destination. Many accidents are caused each year due to blown tires or other avoidable car maintenance issues.

• Prepare for icy roads. It doesn’t happen often here in South Mississippi but when it does, remember to slow down and not make any sudden stops or turns. Also remember that most drivers around you are not super experienced in navigating icy roads so be sure to not tailgate and leave plenty of room between vehicles.

• Check the weather and road conditions before you head out so you know what to expect.

• Watch for road hazards and be prepared to slow down or stop when in construction zones. Move to the side to allow emergency vehicles to pass and always move to the lane furthest from an accident or broken-down vehicle to not cause further damage.

• Be sure to keep some safety items in your car - jumper cables, a flashlight, small first aid kit and waters are always good items to have on board.

• Celebrate but do NOT drink and drive! That seems obvious but many injuries and deaths happen this time of year due to impaired drivers. Call a friend or car sharing service and get home safely.

If an accident should occur, stay calm. Call the authorities and do not leave the scene. Make sure to follow these steps:

if you need further help from an attorney if you face insurance challenges, please give me a call for a free consultation to discuss options.

Please stay safe out on the roads this season! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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