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Honoring Hancock County Teachers & First Responders with a Gift Card Giveaway

If you are a teacher or First Responder who works in Hancock County, MS, there’s a quick way for you to be entered into a random monthly drawing to win a $50 gift card. Hancock Heroes is a new monthly giveaway for our local teachers, first responders and law enforcement sponsored by The Law Office of Brehm Bell. A native of Bay St. Louis, Mr. Bell has always been supportive of the first responders and educators in Hancock County and sees this giveaway is an extension of that.

Law Office of Brehm Bell monthly raffle for local teachers and first responders
Honoring our local heroes with a monthly gift card giveaway

“Across Hancock County, there are many hard-working women and men who protect us daily and take care of our community,” said Bay St. Louis attorney Brehm Bell. “We want these heroes to know that their services are important and are appreciated by our law firm and many others.”

Beginning October 2021, the law firm will randomly pick two winners per month to each win a $50 VISA gift card. There are no parameters on how the gift card can be used. To enter the giveaway, individuals may sign up online at and confirm where you work in Hancock County as a teacher or a first responder. When you sign up for the raffle, you are also signing up to receive the law firm’s quarterly newsletter, however there is an easy way to opt-out on the raffle entry form.

Drawings will begin October 20th and winners will be contacted by The Law Office of Brehm Bell. “I have many friends I admire who selflessly work hard for our students and our community, often with out-of-pocket expenses linked to their jobs. We developed this giveaway in order to let these good people – and they are heroes to me – know in a tangible way that we support their hard work and appreciate their commitment as they teach our youth and keep our communities safe,” said Bell.

Bell grew up in Hancock County, graduating from Bay High before attending law school at the University of Mississippi. He has been a practicing attorney since 1989, focusing solely on personal injury cases for over two decades here in Hancock County. “Deciding who could enter this giveaway was easy. In my area of law, I often work with first responders, and I have the utmost respect for them. Plus, I’ve been involved with supporting our teachers for years, as a parent of four children who have graduated, as the youth court judge for several years, and as a long-time active member of the Hancock Chamber’s Education Committee.” Bell added, “I’m just glad this is a random drawing, though. Picking the winners would be too hard!”

Entrants only need to sign up one time and will stay in the drawing unless their name is drawn as a winner. The Law Office of Brehm Bell plans to continue the monthly giveaway at least through September of 2022.


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