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Shoofly Sponsor Spotlight - Brehm Bell

Online community magazine The Shoofly interviewed Brehm Bell as part of their sponsor series. Snippet of the article is below with the full interview at:

He's proud to represent his clients and is working to improve life in Bay St. Louis through improving our court system.

- story by Dena Temple

Brehm Bell in his Main Street office, photo by Ellis Anderson
Brehm Bell in his Main Street office, photo by Ellis Anderson

From a very young age, Brehm Bell knew he wanted to be a lawyer. He loved to debate, and he wanted to serve his community. A law profession would allow him to do both.

Brehm Bell has been a fixture of the Bay St. Louis community, practicing personal injury law here since 1994 at his office located at 544 Main Street. His law practice allows him to advocate for people who otherwise might be lost in insurance-company red tape.

“When someone’s been in an accident, the system is incredibly frustrating and unduly complicated,” says Brehm.

“Our job is to clarify and then handle the immense amount of paperwork to expedite their claims." “I get paid for helping people. What could be better?” says Brehm with a smile.


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